A Winter Home


Hygge. Have you heard this funny little word? Recently, numerous books, blogs, and articles were devoted to this silly finalist for Oxford Dictionaries 2016 Word of the Year. The New Yorker even penned an article on it last winter, describing it as “the Danish obsession with getting cozy” and labeling winter as “the most hygge time of year.” Think cozy nights by the fire, books and blankets, robe and slippers, and something warm to drink. It’s what we all think of when we daydream about winter nights. But how exactly can we make those dreams come true?

To help you achieve those cozy nights, Waterside has everything you need to make your home a little more hygge. It all begins with warmth and nobody does warmth like Waterside. Waterside has a complete list, using their experience in the industry to winterize your home…. Everything from optimizing your heating units to weatherproofing the exterior wall hydrants of your home to protect pipes from freezing and bursting. Waterside also checks the weather stripping on doors and windows to make sure they are closing and latching properly to keep out the cold.

There are few things cozier than a glowing fire in your bedroom or living room. But who wants to get out of their warm bed to turn the fire on or off? Waterside specializes in automatic fireplace starters. With the flip of a switch, you can have that warm winter night at home while only moving a finger or two. Waterside Home Maintenance can open your dampers and turn on the pilot lights for those that have automatic starters. While they are at it, our experts will remove any nests that may have accumulated over the spring from resident birds getting too cozy in your chimney.

Who doesn’t love a heated floor on winter mornings and evenings? We can help with that as well. Waterside can renovate and install in-floor heat in your favorite bathroom, reading room, or even your breakfast room! Clients may also choose home automation, so they can control their home HVAC settings from a cell phone or tablet to adjust the temperature before they get home. Lastly, Waterside can check your home humidifiers, which is important since heat will cause wood floors to dry out and potentially crack and split.

Waterside has a wealth of opportunities to meet your comfort needs and wants as our home features and maintenance options will give you that hygge winter you dream about. Whether it’s coming home from a day at work or hosting family, Waterside is able to make your home a cozy and inviting place to relax and stay warm for those cold winter months.